On the first day Dr. Catalina C. Platon, University Director for Innovation, and Mr. Klaus Meine O. Ocampo, Science Research Assistant, shared their knowledge and expertise in IP, Patent Search and Drafting

On the second day, Engr. Harry Alan Erasquin clearly discussed and trained workshop participants on the essentials of patent search using available patent search engines. He also taught them how to write claims and specification. The afternoon session was allotted for patent drawing by Dr. Platon, and an open forum for the campus’ entries for the technology commercialization.

The third day was devoted for the discussion of the E-Filing process by Ms. Eva Jamaillah Pescador, it was followed by the presentation and critiquing of technology commercialization enteries of the campus, present are Dr. Platon and Engr. Erasquin, who shared their valuable inputs for the improvement of the entries. We are also blessed by the virtual presence of our Campus Executive Director, Dr. Ian D. Evangelista, who expressed his sincerest thanks to the event organizers, spearheaded by Dr. Rosanna D. Gonzales, the University IPSO team and all the participants. Overall, the event was a success. Mrs. Wilma Noble, Chairperson of the Agriculture Department congratulated everyone for a job well done. We hope this engagement will be followed by more relevant trainings for our own developments.